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ePrivacy, GDPR and Brexit

We’re going to keep this as straightforward as possible… In case you missed it, the United Kingdom (UK) left the European Union (EU) on 31st January. The UK is now in a transition period. Nothing has changed. When the transition period ends, nothing will change. Clear? Good. Now we’ll go into a bit more detail… […]

Making Tax Digital and beyond

It’s been twelve months since we launched our Making Tax Digital software for TASBooks and we thought it was time to step back, take stock, and let you know what we have planned for Tax Manager in the twelve months ahead… Tax Manager has been a phenomenal success. Working alongside HMRC, we’ve been able to […]

Roadmap for 2020

You make think that March is a little late to set out a roadmap for the year and tell out about our plans, but… we’ve been quite busy. Making Tax Digital was a big endeavour. There wasn’t much information to work from and accountants and software developers were all in the dark. To be fair, so […]

Coronavirus COVID-19

Where do we begin? First of all, we hope that everybody is keeping well and staying safe. It’s not easy; overnight we’ve been asked to change the way we live and work and what normally would be the most natural actions – such as a handshake or hug – are now frowned upon. It’s fine. […]

Christmas 2018 – Support Availability

How on earth did that happen? It’s Christmas again. No, seriously. Where has the year gone? We know that some of you will be working over the Festive period and will no doubt uncover a variety of bugs, glitches, hiccups and quandaries that, well, quite frankly, should not be there. We’ve had some gems over […]

Making Tax Digital (MTD) and TASBooks

UPDATE – Infoplex announces Tax Manager for TASBooks Infoplex has announced the development of its own easy-to-use VAT submission system for TASBooks. Click here to find out more about Tax Manager for TASBooks. The deadline for Making Tax Digital (MTD) is on the horizon. With any significant overhaul of the tax management system, there’s been […]

MultiTAS 5 released with new features

After months of hard work (and more than a little shouting at the computer), MultiTAS 5 has been released. This is a major update to MultiTAS, building on a lot of the work that has gone in 4, and includes a raft of new features that have long been on our customers’ wish lists. We […]

New MultiTAS GDPR add-on

No doubt most of you (if not all) will be tired of hearing about GDPR and what it means for your business. We’re sure that, by now, your business has followed the rules to the letter and all of your data is safely and securely managed in a GDPR-compliant way. No? Well, read on. We […]

Cleaning your TASBooks database

Is TASBooks a little slow? Is it a bit sluggish? Is it taking you longer to run a report or find a record than it used to? This is something that we hear a lot at Infoplex. Obviously, there are lots of reasons for this. Over time, you’ve saved lots of transactional data that you […]