Roadmap for 2020

You make think that March is a little late to set out a roadmap for the year and tell out about our plans, but… we’ve been quite busy.

Making Tax Digital was a big endeavour. There wasn’t much information to work from and accountants and software developers were all in the dark. To be fair, so was HMRC. Still, it’s done now and our VAT submission software has been a huge success. It’s advertised us to new markets and new opportunities. The feedback from our customers has been invaluable and we’ve already delivered on some of it. You can read more about our plans for Making Tax Digital here.

MultiTAS is, and always will be, the heart of our business. We’ve built a genuinely intuitive set of features and tools that help you, our customers, use TASBooks effectively. Your comments help us to understand how our customers use our software and are frequently the source of inspiration. That’s why Purchase Order processing will be added to MultiTAS in the next release. You asked. We’ve delivering.

The world is changing and so too are we. When you talk to us, we really do listen to what you have to say. Certain things come up time and again. That’s why we’re expanding the range of services we offer our customers this year. These include:

  • Health Check: The data you have in TASBooks is your most valuable asset. But like anything of value, it needs to be cared for. Sometimes, the amount of data you have can slow TASBooks and it takes longer to do basic tasks. The best solution is to start again. Our health check will help to protect your data and make TASBooks run more efficiently.
  • Website Development: A website doesn’t doesn’t have to be all-singing and all-dancing. It needs to be practical and useful. Our customers have neither the time nor the money to pour into a new website. That’s why we will offer website development to our customers from the Spring. We’ll handle everything for you – the design, the development, the fancy bits (if you want them), the emails and the hosting.
  • Digital Marketing: No. We won’t be making soft-focus John Lewis-esque adverts for a sprocket manufacturer in Cleethorpes. What we will do is help you reach the people you need to reach. We’ll optimise your website and make sure you appear on Google. We’ll make sure that your website is quick enough. And we’ll manage your mail shots and tell you how best to communicate with your customers.
  • Remember GDPR? We thought you would. Well, we’ve been working on some tools that may be of interest. It’s early days but think that a health check combined with our GDPR tools will help you get the most from TASBooks. At the moment, it’s on the drawing board for the second half of the year, but we’ll tell you more about it in due course.

And that’s it. The list isn’t exhaustive – there are some surprises that we’re keeping under our hats for now, but… That’s what we have planned for this year.