Bespoke reports for MultiTAS

Businesses collect vast amounts of data everyday. Just take a few moments to think of the data that your business collects. Customer profiles. Payment details. Financial records. Sales orders. Historic data. Works orders. Component records for each and every item your produce. Compatibility records. Distribution schedules. The list goes on. And on. And on.

Now take a moment to think of how that data is maintained and used. How is it stored? How is audited or traced? Is it useful? We can’t answer all of those questions but we can answer the last one. Yes. The data is useful. Most businesses don’t realise that every bit of data that they have available to them can be used to inform business decisions and help to maximise profitability.

That’s why we’re introducing MultiTAS Reports.

MultiTAS Reports can pull together real-time data from every part of the TAS database and present it in ways that can help your business make the right decisions. MultiTAS Reports can help to break down data into relevant action points and let businesses explore and understand raw data in a meaningful way. MultiTAS Reports remove the complexities of sifting through this data manually. Organizations can make actionable, data-driven decisions with ease.

We’ve built a library of essential business reports that span the TAS and MultiTAS databases to provide users with the data that they need anytime they want it. Our reports can extract data from the Sales Ledger or from the Manufacturing module and present it to you in a variety of formats.

But we’ve gone further that. We know that are customers are unique. Their businesses differ in ways that you can’t imagine. That’s why we can build custom reports for you that go beyond the capabilities of our standard reports and manipulate data in ways specific to your business.

So… if you’ve ever wanted to unleash the true potential of TAS – and MultiTAS – now is your chance. Now you can with MultiTAS Reports.