Sales Dashboard – Customer Projects Showcase #1

Infoplex offers off the shelf add-on software for TASBooks. For stock/order processing requirements – MultiTAS. For programmatic access to the TASBooks database – TASLink for developers, TASflex for their clients. For automated data import/export  from an eCommerce website – eTAS.

However, we do a lot of bespoke development work. So, this is the beginning of a short series of blog posts showcasing some of these projects.

The first solution in this series was developed a couple of years ago, for a customer who specialise in the supply of safety signs and equipment for the road transport and logistics industry.

Our customer wanted to show key sales data in a Dashboard format on a large flat screen TV wall-mounted in their office. Their sales guys/gals would then know at a glance how the day was going. The data to be displayed was:

  • Today’s sales with a target figure below
  • This month’s sales with a target figure below
  • Invoiced Sales for the month
  • Number of calls made today together with a target figure


There are two components. One pulls sales information out of TASBooks every 5 minutes into an Access database. A simple Dashboard application retrieves the data from Access and displays it. The customer provided the design so it is exactly as they wanted it. TASflex – the runtime version of the TASBooks SDK – is used to fetch the sales information. Target and call information are added via simple Access forms. Reaching the daily target auto-plays a celebratory tune (à la Ryanair though marginally less cheesy) – a nice, whimsical touch in what is a high pressure environment.


Any company who wants to share key sales data via a Dashboard with their sales team. So most, if not all companies!

It could be expanded too – for instance show the salesperson with most sales that day/month, show the single biggest sale, average sale and so on. This Dashboard (or something similar customised for you or something completely different) could be on the wall of your sales office within a few weeks. For more information on this project please get in touch with our sales team.