Brexit and TASBooks/FirstBooks – what updates to expect

It goes without saying that everything you’re about to read should be taken with a large pinch of salt. The situation is fluid (to say the least) and until we know exactly what will be required of businesses that import and export, we can’t say for certain that there will not be changes a little further down the road.

So. Here goes…

Will there be a TASBooks update to support Brexit changes?

There will be no TAS update to support Brexit changes. Manual processes are being documented currently which can be used.


17/12/2020: Here are the details:

Will there be a MultiTAS update?

Yes. We’ll add in fields to allow you to store Customer and Supplier EORI numbers and make them available on Sales Order and Purchase Order documents. We’ll also add an option to select and display the Incoterms of a Sales Order (not sure these are needed for Purchase Orders, if we are wrong then please get in touch!!).

If you need changes to any of your existing MultiTAS documents (e.g. modify to meet Commercial Invoice requirements) then please do not leave it until the last minute (or even the last week). For significant changes, there will be charges involved. We are closed for the Christmas break from 5pm on 22nd December – more information available here.

Will you tell me what to do to get ready?

No. We are not Brexit/Customs/Accounting experts.

If you are unsure what you need to do to get ready then your first call should be to your Accountant.

You should also look over the UK Governments Transition page to see what they advise, what will change (lots) and what will get better (nothing) – Brexit transition – GOV.UK (

There is a lot of reading available on the Xero website – Brexit: Impact on small business and what you need to know | Xero UK

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