Back to Back Ordering – Customer Projects Showcase #2

The second solution in this series was for a customer who specialises in motors in the conveyor industry.

Our customer wanted to reduce the amount of time spent processing orders. Their purchase orders were more or less a copy of their sales orders. So, typed in by hand, entry was work duplicated. So we designed and developed a Back-To-Back Ordering application.

The customers’ requirements:

1)    Be able to select 1 or more sales orders from list of incomplete orders

2)    Ask which supplier to use – select one supplier at a time for a ‘group’ of sales orders

3)    A Yes/No box asks whether to generate purchase orders from selected sales orders. The purchase order lines use the cost price entered into the sales order lines

4)    Then the program generates 1 purchase order for 1 sales order only

The body lines of the sales order are copied to the new purchase order. The purchase order address is the delivery address from the sales order (the customers).


It is a single application powered by TASflex – the runtime version of the TASBooks SDK. TASflex fetches the sales order data and creates the purchase order. The main form has 3 menus – FileSettings and ExitSettings provides default date filters and order filters. It has an option to limit the Supplier list to a specific supplier group. Useful when you have a large number of suppliers!

Using the application is simple. Once setup, click the List Sales Orders button and essential information is displayed. Select the order(s) to process and click Create PO’s. Finally select the supplier to use from the drop-down list. The purchase orders are created then a log file displays the numbers used.


Any company who drop ships products to customers.

Further development paths? 1 purchase order for many sales orders for example. Or we could limit B2B processing to specific customers/products. Perhaps, it could run on a scheduled basis and process orders itself…

Follow us for the next in the series!

Main Application Form