TASBooks and Making Tax Digital (MTD)

UPDATE – Infoplex announces MTD-compliant Tax Manager for TASBooks

Infoplex announces MTD Making Tax Digital software for TASBooks. Infoplex has developed an easy-to-use service VAT submission system to make TASBooks MTD-compliant. Click here to find out more about Tax Manager for TASBooks.

What is Tax Manager?

Tax Manager from Infoplex lets TASBooks users submit their tax returns online using our HMRC-recognised bridging solution.

It’s been developed to simplify the MTD compliance process for everybody – from bookkeepers and small businesses to accountants and large enterprises.

How does Tax Manager work?

All of the data that you need to send to HMRC for MTD already exists. It’s in your TASBooks database. The problem is accessing that information and using it. That’s where Tax Manager can help.

Tax Manager extracts the data from TASBooks that you need to send to HMRC. Next, it creates a simple spreadsheet that contains this data. All that you have to do is upload the spreadsheet to our HMRC-recognised bridging solution and press ‘Submit’.

Our HMRC-recognised bridging solution is simple to use and features a collection of rules that will help you to validate your data before you submit your tax return.

How much does it cost?

Tax Manager for TASBooks costs £199 + VAT (one-off cost).

There is an annual charge of £49 + VAT for essential maintenance and support.

I’m an accountant or bookkeeper. Can I buy Tax Manager?

Yes, you can. Tax Manager is designed to work with any recent type of TASBooks licence. To find out how much Tax Manager will cost your practice, please call 01592 598101 or fill out the form below to register your interest.